You are more than the size of your body

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Blog

You guys, something has to change. We are more than the size of our body. The value we add to this world and the people around us is not dictated by our weight and shape. Praising people for being skinny sends the message that they better stay that way to be pretty and accepted. Or if they have lost weight, that they were not okay before, nor will they be if they regain the weight. I don’t want my children, particularly my daughters, growing up in a world were their value is assessed by their body size. And unfortunately that is squarely where we are, and instead of it getting better, it is getting worse. I can’t go anywhere without overhearing someone lament their body or discuss a diet. Even at the children’s dentist appointment. How do my children learn to love their bodies, when I am the only person giving them that message? Everywhere else they turn, they hear disparaging remarks about body fat and body size, and that everyone needs to look the same to be accepted.

It is no secret that all the diet talk is slowly killing me inside, and the reason why, is because I know that the diet talk is slowly killing you inside. And the more diets you go on, the worse it becomes. I am speaking to women and men here, however this problem affects women more acutely and is more pervasive in their lives than it is for men. I know men are suffering too, because I hear their stories and empathize with them just the same. But how many high powered executive overweight men do you see versus women? A whole heck of a lot. Women’s potential is limited because they are discriminated against in many ways including their physique. As my friend Angela said, this could be considered a part of #metoo as its part of women being reduced to their physical body. And this also directly impacts the dieting culture that has spun completely out of control. The internet has spawned a new generation of quacks, snake oil, and quick fixes that are able to reach millions more people, and undoubtedly setting them back. And then when people fail, are miserable, their health declines because of the crazy limited diet they are eating, and they ultimately gain the weight back, guess who gets the blame? People blame and shame themselves. The diet provocateur walks away smelling like a rose, while the poor schmuck on the receiving end chalks this up to another personal life failure.
I feel like I am fighting a losing battle everyday, and I am clearly having a moment.
Know this…you are loved just the way you are. If you want to take action, let’s set awesome goals around being healthy, strong, and courageous. It takes courage to swim against the tide, but friends something has to change. I’m fighting back. My first book will be out soon, and in it explanations for why diets hurt us and solutions for what to do instead. #ditchthediet


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