Student Athlete Sports Nutrition Basics

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Eating for awesome athletic performance!

Next to proper training and practice, proper nutrition is integral in determining how well you perform.

What you eat on a daily basis as well as before, during, and after training and athletic events can make the difference between reaching your goals or falling short!

Here are the top points for you to remember:


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – Always!!!

 Do NOT skip meals – your body needs a regular supply of food to get enough energy. When we skip meals then our body breaks down our muscles to get that energy.

 Skipping meals also makes us more hungry for junk food instead of the foods that have necessary nutrients. Junk food is okay to eat as long as it does not replace healthy meals on a regular basis!


Eat many different foods from ALL food groups

 Our body needs carbohydrates, protein, and fat in order to function optimally. Do not eliminate any major food groups – they all play very important roles and provide the vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients that are found there.

 Especially important for athletes are calcium, iron, zinc, folate, B vitamins, and Vitamin C.


Hydrate and eat before and after all activities!

 Drink water and other healthy beverages throughout day and with your meals!

 Make sure your body is fueled well for all athletic events!


Meal and Snack Ideas


English muffin with peanut butter, honey, sliced strawberries and a glass of milk.

Bagel with cream cheese, slice of ham, and a glass of orange juice.

Granola cereal with craisins and juice.

Eggs and toast, fresh fruit, and milk.

Oatmeal with added nuts, fruit, and milk

Yogurt with fruit and nuts, and a glass of water or juice

Fruit and vegetable smoothie with added milk or yogurt

Ham and cheese sandwich with carrots and hummus, crackers and fruit.



Chocolate milk


Cheese sticks


Ice cream


Slices strawberries

Orange/Clementine segments



Blueberries/ Raspberries







Granola Bars



Cereal and Bars



Veggies with ranch or hummus






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