Create an atmosphere of acceptance free from diet talk and body shaming for greater work/life satisfaction and productivity. Sharing concepts and strategies for shame-free eating and authentic health in small and large groups ranging from professional associations, corporations, and universities to specialized nutrition forums. Your audience will be put at ease and empowered with tools they can put to use immediately with a message tailored to their specific challenges and opportunities.

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Ditch The Diet For Authentic Health

A message to empower participants to be authentically healthy by leaving behind food restrictions and the mental
and physical drain it creates.

Using the “Evolution of a Dieter” diagram, we look closely at where body dissatisfaction and dieting begin, how they negatively affect nutritional health, and the resulting physical and emotional consequences of repeated dieting. Julie takes you through five strategies to practice on the path of shame-free eating and unlearning dieting mentality.

Principles of intuitive and mindful eating are combined with body acceptance tenants and strategies for creating lasting habits that will serve you for life. Move out of the dangerous dieting cycle and create behaviors and thought patterns that are predictive of positive outcomes.

Student Success Sessions To Empower Positive Change On Campus

Students! Let go of dieting mentality now!

Learn where the evolution of a dieter begins and the detrimental trajectory it takes. The negative physical and emotional health implications of dieting have become an epidemic, yet dieting is still promoted as an acceptable and necessary undertaking.

In these sessions we will dispel nutrition and dieting myths and recognize how they create lifelong struggles with food and disordered eating.

Then get tools to build empathy within social circles, breaking down the pervasive shame-based culture of dieting, and strategies to create authentic health and a lifelong positive relationship with food.

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Julie, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for presenting the NE webinar on Thursday! Absolutely stellar dynamics, content and practical advice for the webinar participants. The early feedback has been through the roof. Thank you for your time and support during this entire process and execution of the event! We look forward to working with you in the future.

— Moe S. Nutrition Entrepreneurs Committee, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 

Julie spoke with clarity. Her message was encouraging as she emphasized the importance of accepting our bodies and allowing ourselves to enjoy food, eating from all the food groups. She definitely discouraged all fad diets.”

— Louise Boller “Free Spirits” Ditch the Diet Program Attendee

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Shame Free Eating: The Podcast

Traversing life in a culture obsessed with dieting and thinness is a struggle.  Join us as we untangle beliefs around food, eating, and our bodies by sharing diet stories to build community and promote healing.

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