Not Another Diet Gimmick!

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Blog

What does Ditch the Diet really mean? Is it just a clever way for me to draw you in and then put you on another diet? Or am I going to yammer on about moderation and lifestyle changes? NO! I really am trying to liberate you and set an example for our society. It is time for real change. And this change is about making your life easier, less complicated, more enjoyable, and as a by-product healthier.

The holidays are here, and my wish is for everyone is to truly enjoy their food WITHOUT the promise of a diet in January. Eat what sounds good to you in the moment, and really taste and enjoy it. Cook some of your favorite foods and know that you can have leftovers tomorrow. Enjoy socializing around food and drinks this holiday season without guilt and a Last Supper mentality.

I decided when I was still in college that providing people with very low calorie diets for rapid weight loss was not ethical for me to do with the knowledge that I had.  I have reviewed tons of research in the fields of nutrition, psychology, habit forming, education, and more, in order to find ways to help people be healthier and stronger, happier, and to enjoy food. The research has also continued to show what I suspected would happen all along, which is that the diets don’t provide long term weight loss, and that the bulk of dieters end up much heavier years down the road than they were when they began dieting.

I have built my practice around not doing more damage, and instead to help heal people’s bodies and minds against the harm that has already been done. I can’t predict if someone is going to lose weight, and that is why in counseling we don’t set that as the goal.  We set measurable action oriented goals that promote overall physical health and mental well-being. Goals that revolve around mindful eating, establishing habits over time, and trying to encourage a greater self-acceptance and love along the way.

I will be hosting some programs in the New Year in which I will walk you through Ditch the Diet—with explanations and examples, and how to apply the principles to your life. If you are anything like me, and a book is great, but being able to ask questions that are uniquely yours is better, then this format is for you! Sign up for the Ditch the Diet Alerts here and be sure to get the latest. Happy Holidays!


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