Intuitive Eating and Chronic Disease with Julie

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Intuitive Eating and Chronic Disease with Julie

Do you have a chronic disease, condition, syndrome, or just some health issues you want to tackle, like yesterday? Yet you try to follow the nutrition recommendations and are successful for a time and then – it all falls apart? You know diets don’t work, but then what are you supposed to do to implement the changes necessary to manage your personal health? Join me in this quick segment as I share with you some reasons why your best laid plans may be falling apart, and how an intuitive eating approach can solve that problem while also managing your personal health conditions.

Would you like more direction on making peace with food and your body in order to manage your health? Check out my free mini course for some beginning modules taken straight from my paid online program. It includes a downloadable workbook with some actions steps to take today.


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