Feeling Good in Your Body

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Podcast | 0 comments

Feeling Good in Your Body Shame Free Eating Julie Satterfeal

What would you do to feel better in your body if you knew your body size or shape would not change? This is the question I am pondering in this episode. I wonder how thinking about this question might provide some insight about how to live into 2023. Do you have objections to how this idea could possibly lead you down a healthy path? Listen in! You may just find the key to unlocking true control in your life.

Would you like to explore an anti-diet path this year and see how it changes your relationship with food and your body?

I invite you to check out the Ditch the Diet Boot Camp.

It is a six-week intensive of everything you need to know to take a different path moving forward.

Details at this link!


We will cover:

  • The history and harms of diets 
  • The foundations of intuitive eating – identifying the cues that your body gives you, and how to trust them
  • Solid strategies for habit change 
  • Authentic nutrition answers to common health conditions and questions.


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