Emotional Eating with Erica Drewry, CEDRD, RDN

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Emotional Eating with Erica Drewry, CEDRD, RDN

Thanksgiving was last week and you may have some feelings. Join me as I chat with certified eating disorder dietitian Erica Drewry about common scenarios, and ways to move forward into the next round of holidays. We talk about what emotional eating is and is not, and new ways to think about food and eating that may just make all the difference for you!

Erica has a private practice in Columbus Ohio, is the host of The Aligned Nutrition Podcast, and has a stellar Instagram following @alignednutrition. More info can also be found on her website alignednutrition.com/

We referenced The Aligned Nutrition Podcast Episode 58: Emotional Eating Explored in today’s conversation.

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