Ditch The Diet

How to Reclaim Your

Health and Enjoy Food

by Julie Satterfeal, MS. RDN, LD

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About Ditch The Diet

Are you sick of dieting? Frustrated with endless thoughts about what to eat/not eat, trying to resist cravings, and then constantly feeling confused, and upset with yourself?

Unfortunately you are not alone, yet all of these frustrations and stressors are actually moving you farther away from what you truly need. Diets do not work now nor have they ever worked. They do not achieve their intended goals of lasting weight loss yet they contribute significantly to negative health outcomes. Together, once and for all, let’s break the cycle of dieting that grips us as individuals and as a society. Learn how to move out of this cycle and to finally be at peace with food, your eating, and yourself.

Ditch the Diet begins with a journey through the Evolution of a Dieter, looking closely at where body dissatisfaction and dieting begin, and then explaining the way our body, mind, and spirit react that keep us trapped in a dieting—triggered eating—shame cycle. We take a close look at the foundation of how to eat which is necessary to build a positive and healthy relationship with food. This includes principles of intuitive and mindful eating, allowing yourself to eat, and body acceptance. Then we move into the more concrete concepts of building lasting habits and what authentic nutrition truly involves. By realigning our thought processes as they relate to food, nutrition, dieting, and health and learning how to listen to and trust our body, we can achieve peace with food and authentic health in our life.

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Why diets fail and how human nature is designed to resist dieting
How to create a shame free and positive relationship with food
Ways to incorporate intuitive and mindful eating principles
Strategies for improved body image, self-acceptance, and the realities of health at all shapes and sizes
Healthy and effective ways to achieve authentic nutrition goals and build lasting habits
How to take back your quality of life and enjoyment of food

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Ditch The Diet Is A Helpful Resource For Dietitians

Use Ditch the Diet in your practice as a way to introduce a shame-free eating approach with clients – letting them know early on that you are not the food police. Using colorful graphics to illustrate concepts and written in an easy to read and engaging manner, it recognizes the large role that psychology plays in diets. As practitioners, teaching strategies for how to eat before teaching what to eat is a necessary foundation for wholistically improving nutrition and health.

Ditch the Diet is a valuable resource for working with clients who struggle with a history of dieting in addition to their other health concerns.

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Our Readers

This book is matter of fact, easy to read, appropriately informative, accurately representative of the literature, and effectively captures Julie’s sense of humor; in a few places I even laughed out loud. This is a must-read for anyone wanting answers to the validity of typical diet trends or looking for commonsense approaches to eating. You can trust leading dietitian Julie Satterfeal to provide excellent advice as she combines her appreciation and knowledge of food and nutrition with her love for people.

— Mardell A. Wilson, EdD, RD, LDN, Dean and Professor, Doisy College of Health Sciences, Saint Louis University

Julie’s book takes a hard look at the psychology of dieting and how it negatively impacts our long term health goals. Filled with nutrition research and real-life advice about eating and creating healthy habits, Ditch the Diet offers readers the information they need to enjoy food again.

– Rachael E.

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