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Dieting has led many people to be frustrated and feel shame about eating and their bodies. Shame Free Eating empowers people to develop a positive relationship with food while building skills to be healthy and happy in all body sizes.

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My Philosophy

From the very beginning of my nutrition education path and career I knew intuitively that diets and restrictive eating patterns were not the answer to healthy living. It was also apparent to me that it would not be a sustainable or joyful way to live…I certainly didn’t plan to eat or live that way.

My superpower, as well as my kryptonite, is my empathy for others and ability to intuit and understand human nature on a deeper level. By combining these traits with a keen understanding of the science of nutrition and our physical body the path forward for living an authentically healthy life and maintaining a positive relationship with food was clear. It would be imperative that we go back to the basics – listen to our body, trust ourselves with food, and respect the diversity of our shape and size.

By doing this we are able to determine the wants and needs that are uniquely ours as well as to implement new habits and goals that are in line with our personal story. It is with these philosophies that I have created a method and strategies for making peace with food and establishing authentic health in our lives.

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The Process

My hope for each person is for them to find relief, have peace with food, and to be confident in their choices and who they are.

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First Things First

When working with me we begin with the basics about dieting, the evolution of a dieter, and how our body, mind, and spirit are perfectly designed to keep us fed, not to restrict food.

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The Fundamentals

We then take a close look at the foundation of how to eat that is necessary for building a positive and healthy relationship with food. This includes principles of intuitive and mindful eating, allowing yourself to eat, and body acceptance.

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Lasting Change

Then we move into the more concrete concepts of building lasting habits and the answers to your questions about what authentic nutrition involves and looks like in your life.

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I’m Julie

As a graduate of Virginia Tech and Illinois State University empowering shame free eating has been my passion for 25 years. I take great pride in my unwavering history as a non-diet, weight inclusive, intuitive eating dietitian, and in leading people towards a greater love for themselves and lifelong peace with food.

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