A New Way to Wrap Your Head Around New Year 2023

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A New Way to Wrap Your Head Around New Year 2023 - Shame Free Eating Podcast Julie Satterfeal

Goals, resolutions, life changes…how can you frame them in your life to be empowering and beneficial instead of shaming? In this episode, I chat about three ways to do that and provide examples. Maybe one will resonate with you!

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Are you looking for support in the coming year?  I will be offering the six-week Ditch the Diet Boot Camp starting on January 10th. This is our fast track to food freedom. We will dive deep and fast into unlearning dieting mentality, why it’s so important, and how to start trusting, listening and learning from your body.

These are the tools that we need in order to eventually make those habit changes that you may be trying to work on (or think you should be making new years goals around). Jumping into nutrition rules and restrictions and new meal plans without this foundation is what sends people back into the diet binge shame cycle.

We will meet together weekly and you will have tons of resources providing you with the tools you need to get to a peaceful place with food and your body quicker!

If you’re interested at all or want to learn more…Get on my waitlist. People who are on the waitlist will also be available for a special discount. It’s a win/win…more info, no obligation, and special discount just for those on the list if you choose to go for it!



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