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by | Oct 6, 2018 | Blog

The book launch event for Ditch the Diet was a really remarkable evening.

I am so grateful for each one of you. Those of you who are signed up for my newsletters, and who take an interest in the movement that Triple Braided is working to establish, and all of you who came out to celebrate with me on September 20th! Thank you!

This really is a movement, and now is the time for it to gain more traction!

Eating is so much more intuitive than we recognize, and for those of us who do listen to our bodies, it rewards us for it. We tend to choose a variety of foods from tons of sources. We eat foods from lots food groups (including sweets and treats). We enjoy our food, and both our body and mind are healthier for it!

As I said (or at least had in my notes to say) at the book launch, the reason I wrote this book was to spread a message of validation and understanding.

Validation to those who have been dieting their whole lives and weigh more than they did when they began. You are not alone, you are part of 97% of all dieters, and your results are what would be expected given human nature, biology, and the circumstances of dieting.

Understanding to those who have never dieted, never had to worry with their weight, and truly don’t know what all the fuss is about. It is a common misconception from this population to believe that people who are overweight just need to back off on some of their snacks and exercise more. In Ditch the Diet, I hope that both populations can be served, and that we can move towards more productive and healthy solutions.

I had so many people helping me make this evening what it was, and I cannot thank you all enough!

My friend Vicky catered this event out of the gracious goodness of her heart, and I am still hearing the accolades from those on the receiving end of her phenomenal spread. Amy and Jane were her right hand women keeping the platters full!

Every single member of my family had an assigned job that they took on with vigor and happy spirits. Jennifer made my raffle basket look beautiful, and Dixie never left her post getting books into everyone’s hands.


Thank you everyone!

Check back often as Triple Braided Nutrition and Wellness is on the move! Adding programs, speaking engagements, author events, and some new inspirations for moving forward without diets!


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