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Get coaching to develop a shame free relationship with food while finding authentic nutrition answers

Dieting does not work. Feeling out of control, frustration, and shame is not a way to live. You deserve to eat, enjoy food, and be healthy.

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Shame Free Eating: The Podcast

Traversing life in a culture obsessed with dieting and thinness is a struggle.  Join us as we untangle beliefs around food, eating, and our bodies by sharing diet stories to build community and promote healing.

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Discover Shame Free Eating

Stop dieting for good and learn to love yourself, enjoy food, and be authentically healthy.

Coaching Services

Online shame-free eating and nutrition coaching is provided in both one-on-one and small group formats. A detailed health assessment is completed and sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual.


As a professional speaker Julie shares the concepts and strategies for shame free eating and authentic health in arenas ranging from professional associations, corporations, and universities to specialized nutrition forums.

Ditch The Diet Book

Take Julie’s words and wisdom with you. Ditch the Diet – How to Reclaim Your Health and Enjoy Food will explain the far-reaching negative consequences of dieting and weight cycling, and then lead you through five strategies to practice on a path to shame free eating and authentic health.

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My Coaching Process

First Things First

We begin with the basics about dieting, the evolution of a dieter, & how our body, mind, and spirit are perfectly designed to keep us fed, not to restrict food.

The Fundamentals

We then take a close look at foundational principles like intuitive and mindful eating, allowing yourself to eat, and body acceptance.

Lasting Change

Finally we move into the more concrete concepts of building lasting habits and what authentic nutrition involves and looks like in your life.
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I’m Julie

My hope is for each person to find relief from dieting, have peace with food, and to be confident in their choices knowing they can be healthy at every size.

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